Sometimes a room is not to be used for education, but there are reasons not to close it.

For instance one needs to have content accessible via My portfolio, ILP or just the room itself.

In these cases, archiving the room is a good idea.

This will lock the room to a read-only state, where nothing can be added, but learning resources and evaluations can be read.

It is important that the archiving is done before the imported groups are emptied.

When archiving rooms with members, all accesses are frozen in the sense that nothing changes if the year's imported groups disappear.

If the room is to be archived for storage (not to be re-used in the new school year):

  • Delete everything that you don't need for the future and consider moving valuable content that you intend to re-use to a manually created room. Archived rooms use disk space just like an open room.
  • Remember to empty the recycle bins as well.
  • Since members in archived rooms only have read access – even if they were previously the owner (see more information below) – you will need to open hidden tools and folders if you want the content accessible after archiving. If the room is to be archived and cloned/copied in the next import.


  • From the room selector; click the tab Archived rooms. In this view the archived rooms are listed first, then rooms with no members, and then other rooms.
  • Tick the box in front of the room(s) you wish to archive.
  • Click Archive at the bottom of the page.


  • The room will now be accessible to all the previous members under the Archived rooms tab in the Room selector.
  • All members will have guest/read access, regardless of previous access.
  • Content in hidden folder/some customized folders will not be available.
  • Room owner can base new rooms on the archived one, providing she/he was enrolled individually.
  • Members can copy content from the archived rooms.

Unarchive a room:

The archived rooms can be unarchived, and thereby again accessible for editing and adding content, or deletion. Just note that this is not a quick way to restore the room to original state.

  • From the Archived rooms tab; place a tick next to required room.
  • A confirmation page appears.
  • Click Unarchive room(s) again.
  • The room will now appear in the Room selector, with the prefix Unarchived + added to the original title.

All previous members will be sitting in one group with read access.

  • Manually re-enroll members/groups with required access on change access for the existing group.

Read more from the help-files: