Only Room creator and Administrator can do this:

Either select Create new Room under Options, or highlight the corridor within the admin module where you want store the room and choose Create new room at the right.

Select the org.unit (corridor) from the drop-down menu in which you want to locate the room (this will be pre-selected if a corridor node has been selected from the admin screen).

Fill in information:

  • Room Name: give the room a meaningful name. This will be used by learners and teachers to identify their room.
  • Duration: enter the duration for which this room should exist, (only for informational use, does not have any influence on the rooms actual life cycle).
  • Description: give the room a description. This is particularly important if you are going to allow the room to be seen by other Fronter users via the FronterBridge functionality or for public rooms. When browsing available Fronter Bridge rooms, the description will then give useful information about the room and what one can expect to find there. We would advice that you also add in the name of your school. Use the Fronter Editor if you want to make the description a little more catchy (this is usually the first text/picture the participants see when they enter a room unless the Frontpage tool is being used). The description field in the room can be switched off via Customize room today option in the room drop-down menu. Tick View room description.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the Tool package you wish to use in the room. You will have some standard options to select from, (see admin help for how to create new tool packages.
  • Simple resource folder view: this option hides the folder structure within all Resource folders in the room.
  • If you run a full import, you can tick for the room to be a template room. It can then be assigned to an org.unit via setting C11.
  • Entrance Hall Icon: If the Entrance Hall tool has been added to the Today page, an image can be chosen to represent the room you are creating. Select the tick box for this feature and then click on one of the icons or click Browse and upload a picture.
  • For Public room, see above or Room options.
  • Click Save at the bottom of the screen to create the new room.

Import room structure:

  1. Copy from room
    • Choose room you want to copy
    • Save
  2. Import from file
    • Choose 'Import from file'

    • Save

    • Upload file (if you have exported out a room you want to use from Fronter)

  3. Create from an exemplar room

    • Choose 'Fronter exemplar rooms'
    • Save

If selecting Fronter Exemplar room, there will appear a drop-down menu for selecting from what region you would like to get the room. (Note that due to national agreements, rooms from outside your region might not work properly in your building.) There can be up to four levels of categories, with the actual room sitting in the last drop-down. Select room and click Save.

You will see the message: The room is waiting in a queue to be imported. This operation might be time consuming. Navigate away from the page by clicking admin button or personal tool bar; this will not terminate the process.

Read more from the help-files: