A Room within Fronter can be exported and imported from one installation to another, to do this you will need at least room owner/room creator rights within the installation. You will also need to have an e-mail address on your contact card

An exported room will not carry users or active data like forum contributions, hand-ins or test answers with it. Neither will it carry the Question data base or goals, but it will carry folders' and tool structure and settings, forums and tasks, tests, pages, documents uploaded in open folders and most links.

Within the room you wish to export:

  • Select the Room button from the left side toolbar.
  • Select Export from the menu on the top right hand side.
  • You will be presented with three different radio button options:

Fronter internal room export 

Exports a room to an internal Fronter format. The resulting file can only be used for import into Fronter, into any installation running on the same Fronter release. The functionality is the same as when copying rooms through the admin tool, and can be used as a backup mechanism. 

IMS folder content export 

The selected tools/folders will be exported as a zip file adhering to the IMS Content Packaging specification (currently IMS CP 1.1.4). Contents created with Fronter tools (e.g. pages and forums) will be exported as HTML files, but e.g. tests will be in an IMS format that can be imported back again. 

Resource folder content export with structure 

The selected tools/folders will be exported as a zip file with the directory structure intact. Contents created with Fronter tools (e.g. pages and forums) will be exported as HTML files, and tests as XML files. This option is suitable for batch backups or downloads, when the content is mostly in external file formats, such as images and documents (e.g. pdf, doc, ppt).

  •  The default radio button Fronter internal room export option should be selected. If selecting “Fronter internal room export”, there will appear a drop down with the registered e-mail address of the room owners, the address of the user performing the action, will be the default. Select one to receive a notification when export is complete.
  • Click Export. Following message will appear: The room is waiting in a queue to be exported. An e-mail notification will be sent to the chosen e-mail address when the export is complete. The exported file will be available for one week. Current status and a link to the Request Room tab will also be displayed.

To finish the export, either:

  • Access the Requested Rooms tab, either via the status page or the room selector.
  • Click Download file to the right of the room title.


  •  From the e-mail you receive from donotreply@fronter.com; click the link in the mail.

(If you are not already logged in, you will be presented with the log in page.) Click the link Click here to download the room.

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