The procedure outlined here is for the default room export and import procedure and will not support Fronter rooms exported with the old IMS export functionality. To import a room you must first have exported one (see above), or downloaded it from e.g. the give away rooms at

  • Select Create new room from the Room selector, or from the admin module select a corridor from 04 Rooms manually created and Create new room.
  • You will find yourself in the Create room screen; ensure the required corridor is selected from the drop-down menu.
  • Give the imported room a name as if you were making a new room.
  • Check the Import Room Structure box. There will appear a check box and a message stating that the process might take up to 24 hours. De-ticking the box equals cancel.
  • Select the Radio button Import from file then click Save. A new screen will load with the multiple file upload options presented.
  • Browse for a zipped Fronter room on your computer, storage device or network.
  • Once found select Upload.
  • Navigate away by clicking the back tab in your browser (this will not terminate the process), click View Room requests.

The Room will now be unpacked from the zipped file, this can take some time but once finished you can add members in the normal way.

Read more from the help-files: