You can close a room that you don't want to be accessible for other users any more. In order to close a room, you have to be the owner of the room or the administrator. When a room is closed, it will no longer be visible in the room selector for the participants of the room (the room owner or administrator can still access the room from Display all rooms; tab Closed rooms). Closed rooms can always be reopened by room owners or the administrators. You can close one or multiple rooms at the same time

Close one room:

  • ¬†From within the room, access the drop-down menu in the top right menu.
  • Select Close room.

The room is still in the system when you have closed it but is not visible in the room menu.

Close multiple rooms:

  • Select Display all rooms in the room selector.
  • Place a tick in front of the rooms you want to close.
  • Select Close rooms at the bottom of the page.

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