Many administrators want to clean up and delete users permanently, especially if they want to free up some licenses on user accounts.

Some admins think they have deleted the users, but actually just removed them from room, group or 'Allow login' group.

This makes it harder to delete them permanently, since they will have lost connection to a group and therefor have no easy option to find them via contact search other than searching them one by one at a time.

The correct way to delete users permanently:

Delete users permanently

  • Go to 'Tools' > 'Contacts'.
  • Search for user or group.
  • If you want to delete all users in a group, choose the drop down menu under 'In org.unit (group)'.
  • Click 'More...'
  • Open the drop down menu again and scroll down for the specific groups you want to permanently delete.
  • Click 'Search'.
  • Then you will see all users belonging to that group.
  • Mark the ones you want to delete or mark the top box to choose all.
  • Click on 'Delete'.
  • And click OK to confirm that you are sure you want to delete this users permanently.
  • A message that the contact(s) have been delete will then appear when its done.

Other ways to remove/resign member (Note: This will not delete users permanently)

1. Resign from group

  • Find the group in Admin.
  • Mark the box in front of the user you want to remove from group.
  • Click 'Resign'.

2. Remove members in a room

  • Go to room.
  • Click on 'Edit'.
  • Click 'Remove' behind the user/group you want to remove.

3. Allow login

  • Toppadministrator has access to a System node where you can find the 'Allow login' group.
  • Removing them from 'Allow login' only removes access for those users to access that specific Fronter installation. 
  • They will still appear when you search in 'Contacts' as inactive and greyed out user.
  • The user is still not permanently removed from Fronter.