The "Merge tool" is a tool made to merge two users. This can for instance be needed if a user had a temporary user while waiting for a permanent social security number. 
The "Merge tool" is only available for top administrators in a building. 

The merge tool does the following from a Fronter application point of view:

  • Move the room memberships of the merge user to the main user
  • Move the group memberships of the merge user to the main user
  • Depending on choices on the merge view, keep
    • Name
    • Username and Password
    • Import ID
    • Import source
  • Depending on choices either move the merge user to trash can, or keep it as a manual user.

1. Search for first user (the old, original user)

2. Click 'Select next'.

3. Search for next user (the new with permanent social security number)

4. Click 'Merge users'

5. Select the "Main user" (old/original user). This users content will be kept, all memberships will be transferred to this user.

6. Select the "Name", "Username/Password" (from the new with the correct information).

Old user will keep the same name, and "_merged" will be added to the old username.


The merge tool does not move any content, ILP etc. in any way.

That of the old user will be exactly the same it was, and nothing is moved from the merge user.

When we merge manually, we basically do what the merge tool does. 

That means, we don't merge or move any content.

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