Parental log in is a method of creating students' parents/carers as contacts in Fronter in a way that connects them to the student and allows them to monitor the student's learning progress via ILP, Absence and/or Portfolio tools.

The parent can also be enrolled into rooms like ordinary users.

Administrator can give the tutors access to create the parental log ins.

  • U15 Tutor can create parental users: This setting allows the group members who already have tutor rights over student groups to create parental logins.

This setting is a part of the requirement for the establishment of parental accounts.

  • From your personal tools; select Contacts or Search.
  • Search for the student whose parent(s)/carer(s) you want to add.
  • Click the name of the student to enter the contact card.
  • Select the heading Parental, almost at the bottom of the page.
  • Click on Add new parent/carer.
  • Select the relevant template from the drop-down menu (usually a parental template that connect them to the parent group).
  • Write the name, username and password for the parent/carer
    • The user name must be the parent/carers mobile phone number.
    • The password can be manually typed, or you can select Generate a password.
    • If the mobile phone number is already registered via another student (sibling), you will receive a prompt, asking if you want to use the previously registered parental account. The answer is usually Yes.
      • Common question: "Why do I need to write in all the fields when the parent already exists?"
      • Answer: "There is no easy way to search an already exciting user to add another student than having to write in all the fields manually again."
  • Click 'Save'.

Back on the student's contact card there is now the option to select the following tools (if they are used for the students, that is):

  • ILP
  • Absence
  • Portfolio

Note: The parent/carer will have a tool pack consisting of nothing more than the selected tools as mentioned above. There is not an option to assign other tool packs.

There can be added more than one parent to the student.

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