Users can get directed directly to a room instead of the Today page.

It is possible for teachers and students to log in and have the 'Todays front page' be another room than the Todays page.

For example: teachers getting the info room as start page or students getting their classroom as their first front page.

Most will use the 'Design' tool to customize easy access to favorite rooms, either as an extra tab or as a default landing page. 

By default 'My personal room' is the landing page after log in. This will display the Today page.

There are two ways of creating easy access to rooms:

1. To make a room available as a separate tab next to the room selector:

  • Highlight the group or node of groups that should have easy access to the room.
  • Click Add room as a separate tab.
  • Select required room from the drop down menu.
  • Save.

2. To bypass today page and go directly to the room after log in:

  • Perform procedure as described above.
  • Tick the box next to the room.
  • Save.

Read more from the help-files: