First: To enable this feature, a top administrator must activate setting 808 Enable template rooms.

Step 1: Creating the room:

When creating the room, tick This room is a template. Then design the room according to requirements. You can also make an existing room a template by selecting Edit properties from the drop-down menu. Remember to tidy up the room first.

Step 2: Assigning the template room to a node or corridor:

  • From the admin module; select the corridor/node where the rooms will be generated.
  • From the tab Settings; choose Local settings
  • Add C11 Use template room and then select the room created for this corridor/node from the drop-down menu.

All rooms created by import under this org. unit, and underlying units, will be a copy of the template room.

The new room is now accessible for all the participants by the room selector, and the room is automatically activated as a copy of the chosen template room when any of them enters the room for the first time. This means the admin or room owner will not have to manually activate the room.

Read more from the help-files:

How a top administrator can activate settingĀ 808 Enable template rooms:

  • Go to Settings regarding the whole building (sometimes referred to as Global settings).
  • 808 Enable template rooms
    Activate to enable administrators to assign template rooms to corridors. This feature is only for solutions with a room import.

Read more from the help-files: