Fronter now offers support for registration against 10% absence limit.

According to section §3-3 of the Education Act, which was applicable from the school year 2016/17, students in upper secondary schools who have more than 10% absence in single subjects will not be allowed to get grades in this subject. Fronter has now added a new functionality to our Absence Module, which enables you to register and track the absence rate in individual subjects. As far as we know, Fronter is the only learning platform that offers this as an integrated service.

This functionality is now available for all high schools using Fronter. 

In order to begin registering against the absence limit, the administrator must first clarify the functionality of your school. 

Here you will find a video showing how to set up this as an administrator:

Even if your school has already begun to leave absence, this absence will also be registered against the 10% absence limit, as long as the administrator has registered this functionality for the absentee codes you already use.

(Note that if the administrator has added a new absence code for this type of absence - after the new functionality was added to August 30, 2017, the absence registration must also be updated against this new code).

As a teacher and / or contact teacher, you only need to register absence in the same way as before. You will see that you have received a new choice - "Absence Limit", and here you can see which students in your subjects are absent. The list is sorted to show the highest absentee students at the top.

You can find a short instructional video here:

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