We have improved our function to import users via csv or txt file. It is now significant faster to import a text file. 

While we were optimizing this import function, we also removed not frequently used options, such as the possibility to add an URL to a user. We were also removing the options to add importid and importsource. We had to do this because customers used this option to update importids and importsources for their users. As adding those two fields were working fine, the update of importid and importsource was not working and therefore we had to remove the two fields completely.

However, we got some feedback from you that you are particularly missing the fields 'Location' and 'Company'. Many customers are using them to differentiate between schools. We understand your need and will add those two fields back.

We also got some questions regarding updating import ids. This can be done with a 'new' and 'old' statement in a regular IMS Enterprise import. Please see for example point 5.6.1 sourcedidtype on the IMS Global Learning Consortium website: https://www.imsglobal.org/enterprise/entv1p1/imsent_infov1p1.html#1427710

Ensure that your import file satisfies the following requirements:

  • It must be a text file with the suffix \".txt\" or \".csv\" or \".sdv\".
  • The text file can contain maximum 950 users.
  • The text items must be separated by semicolons \";\" or commas \",\". (NOTE! The last field on each users must not have semicolon.)
  • Each contact must be placed on a separate line.
  • Each line must start with username;password;firstname;lastname;
  • For additional information, place a check mark in the relevant text boxes below and make sure that these items appear in the correct order in the text file. For instance no. 1 e-mail before no. 3 telephone.
  • Important: It is not supported to update the importid via this function.


If you want to import username, password, firstname, lastname, e-mail and phone, the file must look like this:

johndoe; password; John; Dow; john@doe.as; 22222222

bob; password; Bob; Knight; bob@knight.as; 33333333

Choose the information you want to import.:
 1. E-mail
 2. Tel.
 3. Cell.
 4. Fax
 5. Tel.2
 6. Addr.
 7. Company
 8. Location

Our help page for importing members: https://help.fronter.com/en/fronter/index.php/Org.unit#Import_members