If you have ordered and activated your plagiarism tool via support / KAM you will now be able to get the assignments checked for plagiarism by using the 'Assignment' tool.

The set up to add license key and actiivation is done by support.

If you need to order, please contact your key account manager.

You can see how plagiarism control in the new submission tool works with this video:


When teachers create submission tasks, it will be enabled by default for plagiarism control.
This requires that you have added a new submission tool to the room's toollist.

After the students submit documents into the assignment, they will automatically get checked for plagiarism immediately and give a percentage of the amount of plagiarism.
If you click on the percentages you can see the source of the plagiarism and what is plagiarized in red.

Step by step on how to use assignment with plagiarism tool working:

  1. You create a new assignment with the assignment tool by clicking 'Create'.
  2. By default, plagiarism control is enabled.
    (Then you do not have to do anything but create an assignment, then the plagiarism check will be active by default and automatically give you the report directly in the assignment)
  3. Write a title and a description, optionally add attached files for the assignment.
  4. Assign.
  5. When the students submit, they will be automatically checked for plagiarism without the teacher having to do anything.
  6. The teacher then sees a percentage calculation in the box.
  7. If you click on the percentage calculation box, the teacher can see where it is plagiarized.

Also, remember that you can use the app when using the assignment tool.
Watch these videos for more information and inspiration:

Read more about this here: