If students have submitted an assignment and it shows plagiarism report with error, it might be caused by student uploading work stored in OneDrive.

This is a known issue on Ephorus’ site.

At the moment Ephorus doesn’t have plans to add compatibility for Office 365 in the near future.


Please use one of the following workarounds:

1. Workaround

  • Save your file to your computer.
  • Open it and make a change. It is for example enough to just click ‘Save as’ and save the document again locally to your computer.
  • Submit this document to the assignment in Fronter.

2. Workaround

  • Create your document in Word Online instead of directly in OneDrive.
  • To do so, open Word Online and click on File > New.
  • Back in OneDrive, download the document.
  • This document can be uploaded to an assignment in Fronter. You do not need to open and save it again.

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