We are happy to announce that “Room Copy 2.0” was released on Monday June 18 for all Fronter customers.


There are no visual or other changes for the user. 

All the changes are “behind the hood”. It should only be experienced as more stable and a lot faster than the previous version of the Copy room feature.

The key improvements are:

1. Room copying is a lot faster then it used to be. It takes less time to complete each copy.

2. With the new version of Copy room, we do not expect to experience any failures when starting several copies simultaneously.

Other issues that are fixed in the new version:

  • Files on disk would sometimes not be included in the copy.
  • Room today page could sometimes have links that were not updated.
  • Internal links to Assignment were not updated to the new room.
  • Room name displayed in My Portfolio was sometimes wrong if the room was copied.
  • Internal links on the new room could contain the old room name.
  • Fronter documents were sometimes not copied correctly.
  • Issue with internal links in Fronter documents not getting copied correctly.
  • Forum ratings were copied when they shouldn’t be.
  • To-do list was copied when it shouldn’t be.
  • Articles and other content linked within a Learning Path was sometimes not copied.

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