You can enroll participants in rooms individually or as a group. You must be the owner of the room to be allowed to enroll participants. When registering, you choose the right of the participants to get in the room. If you enter an entire group, all participants in the group will have the same right. You can give a person in the group higher rights by enrolling this person individually as well as giving a higher right. A higher right overwrites a lower right.

• Select the Participant tool in the room.

• Select Change.

• Search for individuals or groups.

• Check in front of the relevant participants (check at the top if you want to enroll everyone in a group).

• Select Rights.

• If you want to add a whole group, check the Entire Organizer (Group). If you later register a participant in the group, this will automatically gain access to the room.

• Select Add.

You have now received new participants in the room. When you enter the Participant tool, you will get a list of all the participants in the room. By selecting Change, you will see who is logged in individually and who is logged in as a group.